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Your logo is a brand mark representing you, your business, your values, your cause. To get to the right representation, we listen first. Through a series of questions we discern the intended audience, message, brand voice and business goals. We send you a minimum of 3 – 5 initial logo treatments for consideration and work through what you love, hate and everything in between until we arrive at the logo that fits perfectly. We’ll then finalize and share the files so you have complete control from there.

We know that your logo is only the beginning – the beginning of a beautiful thing – and we don’t take lightly being your partner in this process. Here’s a few highlighted pieces for a look.

Consider us for your upcoming product, business or campaign logo treatment.

Client: BusyBeans

Category: Drinks

Industry: Food/Restaurant


Our logo design process

Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.

our four step process


The discovery phase is the “question” phase. Designers use this time to tease out as much context and background as possible to fully understand their client’s company or organization, its values, business, brand attributes, etc.



This is your research phase, but “exploration” sounds more exciting. And it is, we promise. The exploration phase might just be the most fun and—as someone who’s embarking on this design process solo, and possibly for the first time—the most helpful.



Finally! The goal here is pretty straightforward: Take all the considerations and inputs from the first two phases and start generating some logo designs.



If you ended the last phase with several different options, now’s the time to narrow down. Already have a final choice? Great! Let’s put it to the test.

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